VTuber Siro expected to have less than 700,000 YouTube subscribers

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Siro‘s official YouTube subscription is expected to fall below 700,000 by the end of March.

電脳少女シロ 2020年3月末にもYouTubeチャンネル登録者数70万人割れの可能性
Siro Channel

Siro is a VTuber began its activities in June 2017, and once gained popularity as one of the “Shitenno (四天王)” who drove the VTuber movement. In recent years, he has been performing a lot of visible activities, such as continuing regular appearances on the TV Asahi’s variety program “Garibenger V”.

超人女子戦士 ガリベンガーV 1周年記念イベント 追加ゲストが発表に

However, the number of videos played continuously every day has been stagnant, reputation of the current 3DCG model (especially reputed as having a bad face), a series of issues concerning .LIVE sister group “Idol Club” to which her belong, and a severe evaluation of Appland Inc., the managing company… As a result, the number of official YouTube subscribers and Twitter followers fell in the latter half of 2019.

電脳少女シロ 新旧顔面比較
電脳少女シロ 2020年3月末にもYouTubeチャンネル登録者数70万人割れの可能性
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As of March 21, 2020, the number of official YouTube subscribers is about 701,000. If we keep the current pace of decline, she expect to break 700,000 heads between late March and early April.

Siro Channel