The end of “Kizuna AI and Big 4 Sistem” is approaching. Cyber Girl Siro subscribers fell below 700,000

As of 12:00 on June 20 (JST), the number of YouTube official channel subscribers of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Cyber ​​Girl Siro (Appland / .LIVE) fell below 700,000.

電脳少女シロ YouTubeチャンネル登録者数が70万人を割る
電脳少女シロ 新旧顔面比較
old model / current model
電脳少女シロ 2020年3月末にもYouTubeチャンネル登録者数70万人割れの可能性
YouTube official channel subscribers / Twitter followers
(Picture: Userlocal )

Big 4 is about to be reversed by New Generations

If these trend of Cyber Girl Shiro continue, the “Big 4” (Kizuna AI / Kaguya Luna / Mirai Akari / Cyber Girl Siro / “Nekomasu” retiresd)which has been maintained since the dawn of the VTuber movement at the end of 2017 has been consistently maintained. For the first time, the familiar scene “Kizuna AI and Big 4 system”, is occupied by a higher number of subscribers. This will be a huge impact and turning point for the entire VTuber industry.

The most influential person to hit the wedge in the Big 4 first is Shirakami Fubuki (hololive), and the number of registered people on June 20 is 651,000. As early as July, there is a real possibility that “Big 4” will reverse the number of registered users for the first time in history.

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