There is an emerging view Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) / Virtual Liver Group / Office “NIJISANJI (にじさんじ)” may be in a state of confusion.

Withdrawal of the performers due to increased burden and mental and physical disorders

In recent years, NIJISANJI’s VTuber / Virtual Liver have experienced a sudden increase in the burden on performers and temporary withdrawal due to mental and physical disorders.

On February 3, 2020, Honma Himawari (本間ひまわり) revealed his physical condition in a live broadcast.

Honma Himawari has revealed the schedule is extremely busy, including the joint project “Shinogono (しのごの)” by NIJISANJI and Sony Music Labels, and Tsukino Mito (月ノ美兎), a member of the project, has revealed these overcrowded schedules may have led to overwork.

Furthermore, in January, Otogibara Era (御伽原江良), who recorded the phenomenal number of live broadcasts at the time and suddenly became stardom, announced on February 16, it will reduce live broadcasts due to mental fatigue.

In connection with this case, suspected stalking damage to the home of Ogahara Era (such as an interphone being sounded during live broadcast at midnight), or her character designer in charge of canceling the contract from Ichikara Inc., there is also a view that suspects trouble.

Otogibara Era recorded phenomenal numbers in the live broadcast distribution of the 3DCG model announcement in January, and is also preparing for a major debut as a unit “petit fleurs” with Morinaka Kazaki (森中花咲), and the departure at this time is the whole NIJISANJI, it can be said it is a pain.

There is a growing view the temporary withdrawal of Honma Himawari and Otogibara Era may have caused a failure in the management of VTuber / Virtual Liver belonging to NIJISANJI. Furthermore, Tsukino Mito and Higuchi Kaede (樋口楓) are preparing for a major debut, and it will be noted the management of increase in the burden on VTuber / Virtual Liver is being carried out appropriately.

In the past, VTuber management has been severely criticized in the past for Unlimited of the Game Club Project, KizunaAI’s Activ8 caused problems with the Chinese video platform “bilibili”, Appland of .LIVE IdolClub etc. Therefore, Ichikara may not be able to escape the same criticism if management issues continue.

Side effects of holding real events one after another

As of February 21, NIJISANJI is holding “NIJISANJI JAPAN TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!”

It seems NIJISANJI is shifting its focus to real events, along with YouTube activities, such as live performances by popular VTuber / Virtual Liver and the aforementioned major debut. It’s all a great result when things are going well, and in fact, the live event “Virtual to LIVE in Ryogoku Kokugikan 2019” held in Tokyo on December 8, 2019 was the greatest success. It was a monument VTuber old “Shitenno” could not do, making it completely past.

However, due to a series of events that have been canceled or significantly reduced due to the effects of Coronavirus Infection (Wuhan Pneumonia), unexpected headwinds may occur in the future for real events.

It would be a great deal of damage if real events that had been working on suppressing the activities of YouTube by popular VTuber / Virtual Liver continued to be canceled in succession.

Originally, the “blank” of seniors in such activities on YouTube should have been a great opportunity for newcomers of junior, but as of February 21, NIJISANJI’s newcomers aren’t now outstanding. This is in contrast to talented rookies such as hololive Productions.

Can overcome the serious situation?

This is the first full-fledged moment for NIJISANJI, who has established a style of “Laissez-Faire” in a good way by giving the actors much discretion and has succeeded today.

In that sense, I think the crucial moment for NIJISANJI is 2020. And what kind of scenery are you showing to people at the end of 2020?

At that time, it may become clear, NIJISANJI is truly “REAL”.

Don’t look down on NIJISANJI

NIJISANJI has grown up with a hungry spirit like “Strike Back”. It’s a crucial moment now.