Nintendo is more likely planning to add Game Boy Advance software to Nintendo Switch Online

There are speculations that Nintendo may add Game Boy Advance software to the distribution title of Nintendo Switch Online.

任天堂 Nintendo Switch Onlineへのゲームボーイアドバンスソフト追加を計画か
Image source: Twitter

According to the information released on Twitter by Trash_Bandatcoot, the official Game Boy Advance emulator for Nintendo Switch was discovered. In the attached image, you can see the existence of successive Game Boy Advance titles such as “Mario Kart His Advance”, “Golden Sun”, “Tactics Ogre Gaiden The Knight of Lodis”, and “Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire”.

There have been rumors about the addition of Game Boy Advance software to Nintendo Switch Online, but it seems that there is a growing possibility that preparations for the addition are actually underway.

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