Now, in Japan, “NIJISANJI (にじさんじ)” is becoming an influencer that influences the popularity of Nintendo games.

But unfortunately, this has hardly been mentioned in media outside Japan. Since their existence is very local to Japan, they are not easily transmitted worldwide.

This article was written to make the world’s game media aware of them!

One of the most popular VTuber / VLiver group

NIJISANJI is the so-called Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) and Virtual Liver (VLiver) office. It is operated by Ichikara Corporation.

There are talents approaching 100 people, and they are live streaming on YouTube every day. Especially game live play is very popular.

Now they are ahead of earlier VTubers, such as Kizuna AI (Significant decline due to management policy failure) , and are at the forefront of trend creation.

Powerful “Nintendo Games Promoter”

And for unknown reasons, they frequently play Nintendo games live, like a Nintendo Support Group.

The distribution of Ring Fit Adventure and Pokémon Sword / Shield has swept the YouTube trend in Japan, and the ” MARIOKART NIJISANJI CUP Second” attracted over 80,000 viewers.

“Shizuka Rin (静凛 / Nickname : Shizurin)” Ring Fit Adventure

Don’t miss them!

In a recent interesting topic (not a game), the live distribution of “Otogibara Era (御伽原江良 / Nickname : Gibara)” attracted 52,000 viewers and watched the Carlos Ghosn interview delivered by TV Tokyo YouTube Channel at the same time. That was battle for the top. (In addition, a huge amount of super chat money was thrown on this “Gibara Live”)

“Otogibara Era” Look at me with high image quality and depth! – attracted 52,000 people
“Carlos Ghosn” interview – attracted 75,000 viewers

NIJISANJI has been setting various records, but this event, which competed with Ghosn, is proving to be an influential Influencer YouTube Live Group in Japan.

They are currently local to Japan, but they may fly to the world in the future.

Don’ t miss them!


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