“Isolated Kizuna AI” The Day, Dropout from VTuber

The news many people turned to Kizuna AI for the first time in a long time is a report the operating company Activ8 is deficit of 675 million yen, and retained earnings are being driven to minus 720 million yen there were.

Activ8 (produced by Kizuna AI), Large Deficit 675 million yen (about $6.2M)

People’s will is “FAKE”

After the problem of “Division”, Kizuna AI was separated from other VTubers and fans, and “Isolated” as if he was talking to one (although exactly 4) walls.

New videos, which are being buried in the post-split voice model, have had low views and fewer retweets and likes on Twitter’s official account. Many people seem to be overlooking Kizuna AI or appear to be on the sidelines as they can’t touch badly while following.

It seems the new voice models has been nicknamed, but it is not spread seen, and may not even want to use it. Different voices and different personalities are talking in the air in the new videos. Despite creating a certain number of fans for new voices like never before, the absolute low number is based on the number of retweets, likes, and video plays on the official account. I do not want to use a nickname for it, which stimulates the feeling from the back of the heart that it is more “FAKE” than the affinity, and I do not want to use nickname for that voice It is as if you were invited.

We think these are the “intentions ” of “You are a FAKE” given by people after Activ8 continued to flee from Kizunaai’s “Division” and various problems surrounding it.

More people are leaving than .LIVE (Idol Club), which is currently creating problems in a progressive way. A refreshing outlaw can create more enthusiastic supporters, but also a strong “Believer” … Does Activ8 haven’t gone as far as the “Villain” of Appland?

The Day “Dropout from VTuber”

So, Kizuna AI could even move from the current “FAKE” stage to “NOT VTuber” this year. It is more cruel than retiring, simply forgotten.

She first appeared vividly as a VTuber, but she was no longer treated as a VTuber. Isn’t such a future, which can hardly be imagined, already approaching immediately?

This is largely related to the fact as of February 2020, the corporate VTuber offices “NIJISANJI” and “Hololive Production” have been increasing their presence.

It overturned the definition of “VTuber = video distributor as YouTuber” like Kizuna AI. Live broadcast-oriented “Virtual Liver” format. Character modeling by 2D at first from 3D. On the other hand, these style, in which the ability of the performer to talk, etc. is questioned. Profitability by super chat. Topics like “Carlos Ghosn vs. Otogibara Era”. Media strategies such as “#おわらないホロライブ (Nonstop Hololive)”…

These styles provoked great pros and cons when “VTuber Shitenno (四天王)” such as Kizuna AI was alive. Criticisms such as “Slash-and-Burn Agriculture that Destroys VTuber Market” and “Virtual Cabaret Clubs” were also received.

But now, it has gained popularity as one of VTuber’s styles, with visible results such as real live events and music label major debuts. And they are flying abroad.

On the other hand, there are many VTubers maintain their traditional style, such as “HIMEHINA (Tanaka Hime / Suzuki Hina)” and “Omega Sisters (Omesis)”, and continue to emit their presence even today. Some relatively old individuals, such as “Natori Sana”, are looking to hold real events.

These facts should not be underestimated, and the result of these new styles of “Juniors” not being able to continue running at the forefront as “Senpai” as they emerge one after another is the current Kizuna AI and other “Shitenno”.

And it is these movements seem to be Kizuna AI, as if Gameover … “A day when it is no longer a VTuber”.

When the countdown to sadness ends, more than just retirement or the disappearance of the operating company…

If you go as it is, that day may come.

(Writer: Apollo Captain)

“FAKE Kizuna AI” The Reason Everyone Left