Hobonichi Recruits Check Team Members for EARTHBOUND Full Dialogue Book

Hobonichi Recruits Check Team Members for EARTHBOUND Full Dialogue Book

Hobonichi “MOTHER” project will check the contents of “MOTHER no Kotoba (The Words of MOTHER)”, a book that contains all the dialogues of all three Nintendo game software “MOTHER (EARTHBOUND)” series on July 15th Recruitment of “Play & Check Team Members” has started.

ほぼ日 MOTHERシリーズ全台詞収録本のチェックを行うチームメンバーを募集

“MOTHER no Kotoba” is a book that contains all the lines of the MOTHER series (MOTHER (EARTHBOUND Beginnings) / MOTHER2 (EARTHBOUND) / MOTHER3). It started 6 years ago in Hobonichi, which is headed by copywriter Shigeto Itoi who supervises this work. It was produced with the aim of launching it at the end of 2020, but the release schedule for December has been decided.

A book that contains all the lines of a Role-Playing Game (RPG) seems unprecedented. It will be a book that will be noticed by many game fans as well as MOTHER fans.


ほぼ日『MOTHER』プロジェクトを始動 MOTHERシリーズ全台詞集を2020年末発売へ

And this time, Hobonichi has started recruiting “Play & Check Team Members” who actually check the contents of this book by playing the MOTHER series.

Since this book “is a collection of a large number of words in the game as easy to read as possible, this book is made up of unique specifications such as notation of words, expression of speakers, design of flow chart”, so check in normal proofreading work Is difficult. Therefore, they concludes all the MOTHER fans have no choice but to compare them while actually playing the game.

Specifically, this seems to be something like “MOTHER, MOTHER2, MOTHER3 … The page on which the words of a certain part are posted is checked whether the content of the page is correct while playing that part with your software”.

This is premised on work at home, and all kinds of exchanges will be done online. Furthermore, until the release of this document, a minor contract cannot be entered, as a non-disclosure agreement will be signed with Hobonichi Co., Ltd.

The adopted member is in charge of only one desired software. The version may be NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Virtual Console, or any other officially released version.

This “Play & Check” is indispensable to the support of MOTHER fans. If you are able to support, why not try applying?

『MOTHER』のことば。 プレイ&チェック チームメンバー募集