Argentine VTuber “Nimu” enters the Top 50 Overseas Subscribers for the First Time

Argentine VTuber “Nimu” enters the Top 50 Overseas Subscribers for the First Time

As of 1st September (JST), the number of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) “Nimu” YouTube official subscribers from Argentina has reached about 315,000, the first overseas subscribers of VTuber to have the highest number of subscribers, turned out that we achieved 50 people.

Nimu YouTube Official Channel

Nimu is a VTuber from Argentina and debuts in February 2020. She mainly post videos for a few seconds to 3 minutes, and all have recorded high playback counts. She also do regular live streaming, and on May 25, also have a Japanese-themed distribution.

As of September 1st (JST), the number of subscribers to Nimu’s channel has increased by up to about 7,000 per day, and has continued to increase at a rate faster than that of Japanese domestic players such as hololive Production and NIJISANJI talents. It is ranked 49th in the ranking based on the number of people. This is the first overseas VTuber to enter the top 50 subscribers.

In addition, Natsumi Moe (belongs to the “Eilene Family”) , lives in the United States of America, and is technically an overseas VTuber.
It is very difficult to draw a line, but given that Nimu has been working on activities for South America from the beginning, We are pleased to announce that this is the first time for an overseas VTuber.

47Ars Almal320,000
49Game Club Project312,000
50Yashiro Kizuku312,000
As of 1:00 on September 1 (JST)
*Approximate number of subscribers to the channel.
*Official office/group channels and multiple channels with the same talent are excluded.

Argentine VTuber “Nimu” More Likely to be the First Overseas to Enter the Top 50 Subscribers

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