Appland (.LIVE) may have operated “CatClub”

Appland, which operates the Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Office “.LIVE” and the internal project “IdolClub (アイドル部)”, may be stealth operates the VTuber group “CatClub (猫部)” on the Chinese video platform “bilibili (ビリビリ/哔哩哔哩)”.

.LIVE アイドル部のアップランド bilibiliで活動のVTuberグループ「猫部」運営へ関与か
.LIVE IdolClub’s fired “Yozakura Tama” ‘s “God lottery function” was displayed in the live broadcast of the CatClub.

CatClub is a privately owned VTuber group debuted in August 2019 at bilibili-sponsored event “bilibili World 2019 Guangzhou” with IdolClub. The connection with .LIVE and Appland is pointed out, for example, the tracking behavior is similar to that of IdolClub, and the possibility of using the fired Yozakura Tama equipment has been pointed out.