Activ8 may Potential to continue Kizuna AI’s “Division” Plan

Activ8 may Potential to continue Kizuna AI’s “Division” Plan

Takeshi Osaka (President of Activ8), spoke on March 9 in an interview with JapanAnimeMusicLab about the virtualization of multiple voice models (so-called “Division”) and multilingualization of Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Kizuna AI.

Kizuna AI (Original / #Version / *Version)

Questioner: I think recently, there are virtual YouTubers who speak English. Kizuna AI originally spoke in Japanese but now she speaks Chinese, too. Are you planning to increase the number of multilingual characters in the future?

Osaka: Yes, I think we should increase them. Originally, there is the concept of wanting to connect with everyone, and the format is called virtual talent, which, overseas fans call virtual beings, and I think this is because there are no technological limits. I strongly feel that there is a meaning to virtual talents breaking boundaries. I think that the virtual streamers are also largely significant because we gave avatars to people, who do not want to show their faces but want to create and transmit their own content. It is wonderful in this sense. Kizuna AI shows that there is no limit to human beings, that there is no limit to technology produced by human beings, and that the future is infinite; that is why I produce such content. That’s the source of my passion. There is a language barrier in connecting with people from overseas and there is no specific method to resolve this, but I think it is necessary to optimize the language of the content for that region. Of course, if there is are methods to connect in ways other than language, we will definitely use that method.

Takeshi Osaka, CEO and Founder of Activ8 Inc.Part.3
Activ8 中国語版キズナアイをYouTube公式チャンネルで公開
Kizuna AI (Chinese Version / Left)

The “Multilingual Character” that Mr.Osaka commented on “This should be Increased” this time means whether Kizuna AI’s continuation of the “Division” route (such as adopting a multilingual Voice Model other than the Chinese Version) or a new multilingual It is unknown whether it is to launch the corresponding VTuber.

If this means Kizuna AI’s continuation of the “Division” Route, despite the “Public Will ” of “Division”, which had been received from the worldwide due to problems surrounding this case in the past, such as a severe disagreement with viewers, It may prove the policy of Activ8 has Not Changed. At the same time, Kizuna AI’s “Division” route itself is at the heart of Mr.Osaka and other Activ8 Goals, and will likely strengthen its expectation that it will continue in the future.

Takeshi Osaka, CEO and Founder of Activ8 Inc.Part.3